Andrea Bowers
Pomona College Museum of Art Project Series 48

Edited by Ciara Ennis and Rebecca McGrew
Introduction by Rebecca McGrew
Contributions by Maria Elena Buszek and Peter Kalb
Interview by Ciara Ennis

Designed by Content Object, Kimberly Varella
Softcover, 184 pages
Publisher: Pomona College Museum of Art and Pitzer College Art Galleries, 2014
ISBN: 978-0985625139
Dimensions: 7.9 × 10.9 in.
Printing: The Avery Group at Shapco Printing, Minneapolis

This publication complements the exhibition Andrea Bowers: #sweetjane at the Pomona College Museum of Art and the Pitzer College Art Galleries and represents an overview of the artist's work since 2006. It highlights Bowers' (born 1965) commitment to merging art and social activism with a focus on political and environmental issues. Grounded in the legacy of feminist art, Bowers' socially engaged work combines a hyper-conceptual and formalist approach with raw and uncompromising content. This publication weaves together multiple strands of the artist's practice to foreground her incisive vision, activism, and dedication to social justice. Andrea Bowers: #sweetjane, the exhibition of the Los Angeles-based artist's most recent body of work, examined the 2012 Steubenville, Ohio, high-school rape case, the subsequent trial and media, and activist reactions.

Photography by Ian Byers-Gamber