We are all guests here.

Edited by Cara Megan Lewis, Linnéa Gabriella Spransy Neuss, Vicki Phung Smith, and Michael Jeffrey Wright
Contributions by Roberta Green Ahmanson, Ben Schachter, Cara Megan Lewis, Linnéa Gabriella Spransy Neuss, Vicki Phung Smith, Michael Jeffrey Wright, and Fred Schmalz

Designed by Content Object: Kimberly Varella, Design and Art Direction; Sam Wagner, Assistant Designer
Casebound Hardcover, 144 pages
Publisher: Bridge Projects, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-7336400-4-6
Dimensions: 9.125 × 12.75 in.
Separations: Echelon Color, Los Angeles, CA
Printing: VeronaLibri, Verona, Italy

We are all guests here. is a group exhibition of seven participating artists, featuring art installations made in response to the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, also known as the Feast of Ingathering and Festival of Booths. While the invitation was initiated by Bridge Projects, the show was artist-led, with each artist conducting their own conversation on themes taken from the holiday.

In its form, the exhibition catalogue cover borrows from the pieces created by SaraNoa Mark: engraved clay tablets that recall objects from antiquity. The front cover of the book involves a multi-level sculptural deboss that recreates the play of shadows on the face of the tablets. On the back cover and spine, additional blind debossing is used for the artists’ names, with the title in a bronze foil stamp.

The bulk of the book consists of a dialogue between the participants, with each artist taking the spotlight for eight pages and being questioned by the others. To layer a curatorial voice on top of the conversation the book looks to the form of midrash, threads of ancient commentary and interpretation often included in the margins surrounding a central Jewish scripture. In the catalogue’s version of midrash, artist biographical information is wrapped by the group conversation, which is itself wrapped by curatorial footnotes and addenda, weaving the tripartite text into one fluid experience. At either end of the book, extended sections of full-spread, full-bleed imagery from each artist act as introduction and epilogue.

Photography by Ian Byers-Gamber